Supe iOS Nearby

Connecting Celebrities and Fans

Since launching in 2015, Supe has been a growing application for social-celebrities monetising user-generated-content. With similarities to Snapchat, Supe is primarily a messaging app where users can follow Stars and unlock premium content. By 2017, Supe had over 300,000 installs and was available in 6 countries.

I was part of a project to design new app features and align together iOS and Android as a product.

Challenges & My Role

The high level goals were to:

  • Design new Nearby feature for users to discover others within a close proximity
  • Design new Tipping feature for users to tip content they appreciate
  • Align the Android app with iOS and reduce feature disparity 
  • Create a new brand Vida and brand guidelines

I led the design of new features like Nearby, Tipping and collaborated with stakeholders for their feedback. I created flows, personas, screen designs, prototypes and deliverable assets. In addition, I worked alongside developers for their valuable input on the best way to implement features within constraints.

The Approach

At the start of the project, after being briefed of the stakeholder’s requirements on product features, time was spent analysing existing in-app UI paradigms and patterns in a design audit. After initial brainstorming and sketching, a Nearby flow was created.  Key features were:

  • Enabling device location services
  • Handling multiple states in relation to enabled/disabled status and connection
  • Proximity and displaying only users with profile pictures


Offering a more visually rich experience than Table Views of the Recommended screen, the profile images are prominent and inviting to discover.

Key functionality of fast following users by the + icon was kept and visiting profiles by tapping their respective avatar. The proximity measure was chosen as miles instead of metres to give users greater added privacy, given the nature of celebrity users.

Prototype & Feedback

The demo was positively received by the team and raised some edge cases. These were solved after discussion with the developer team:

  • Do not include in Nearby if blocked
  • Do not include in Nearby if account set to private
  • Do not include in Nearby if account is deleted
Nearby Location off
Nearby: Location not enabled
Nearby Location enabled
Nearby: Location enabled
Nearby: Location enabled & following